Friday, 31 August 2012

17. Dead Man's Shoes

I remember a few years ago, I was round a friends house and he insisted on watching Dead Man's Shoes, saying 'it was the best film ever!' I must state that this friend generally thinks 'everything is the best thing ever' as long as he finds it first, so as you can understand my excitement was minimal. Anyway, we started watching the film and to no surprise I didn't really pay much attention, the film finished, I went home, end of story.

The film came back into my mind last year when I met a certain Paddy Considine during my time at Canopy- I remember he was walking round the shop with what looked like a baseball bat embedded with nails. Of course, if it was anyone else I would've been deeply concerned, but I knew he was an actor and he kindly mention that it was a prop. However, after watching the film again in detail today (yes, I pulled another sicky), I feel I should've been more concerned about this 'baseball bat'.

Thankfully, Mr Considine left the shop after placing an order for a pair of Red Wing boots and didn't feel the need to 'top me' and right some form of instruction on the wall in my blood.

If you haven't seen Dead Man's Shoes, I suggest you do! Probably not one for the squeamish, but if you can hold you own, I'm confident you'll love it! Very smartly put together and very understatedly cool.

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