Monday, 31 January 2011

12. New York

I was talking to a lovely couple at work today, both really trendy and knew what's what. We came onto the subject of travel, in which they explained they were wanting to go to Berlin this year as they're yet to go. I mentioned that I wanted to go to Venice to do some photography and escape for a while, and that I may also be going to New York with some friends in October. They told me that they went to New York in stayed in the Hudson Hotel and said it was lovely and explained how they lay on the roof watching the stars and sipping champagne. The hotel itself looks lovely, but for my own taste is too modern/ contemporary.

However, they did also mention another hotel called Ace Hotel, so I checked that out too and wow! This hotel is right up my street with its vintage furniture and variety of rooms all reasonably priced its definitely something I will be looking in to.

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