Saturday, 6 November 2010


I've been a little busy for a while and completely forgot about my blog.
A lot has happened. I've started my new job, been drawing, designing, buying etc and all is going well!

I went into Nottingham today and the dress sense is another level of that of Derby. The whole day today has been great! I discovered Backlash clothing and bought myself a few bits, went off to COW and then onto Vintage Warehouse and bought myself another bit of something that I'm really looking forward to getting it altered. What's going to come out of today (in my head) is Paul Smith meets Burberry meets Barbour!
There was also a shop called Kitsch which was amazing, full of all vintage bits and bobs, and there was a lovely vintage motorbike in the window, which rekindled my love for the Triumph Thunderbird (the one from Factory Girl). Very productive day I'd say!

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